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The Future Of Marketing Is

Marketing As A Service

Forbes, the world's most popular business magazine, predicts the future of marketing at Marketing-as-a-service ( MaaS )

What is the

MAAS Program?

​​In the age “on-demand” everything, MaaS is perhHow is (MaaS) Different from The Agency Modelaps the closest as it gets to “on-demand marketing”. The concept of MaaS involves creating a blueprint and framework for marketing campaigns and then deploying these unique elements as building blocks for individual campaigns.

Turkey, Cyprus & MEA Region

First & Only IT Marketing Agency

As with other business operations such as customer service, sales management, product management, that have found their way into cloud CRMs, Marketing-as-a-service (MaaS) has emerged as a concept that fills in the gaps for businesses looking for assistance in developing marketing strategies, campaign creation, and execution.


While marketing automation has been around for a decade now, its growth in comparison to automated accounting or CRM has been relatively slow. Why? Well, because marketing relies heavily on asset creation, and automation tools and platforms have limited value to offer when it comes to original asset creation. So, how do you scale your marketing asset creation? Think outside the box, or in this case, outside the organization. Marketing teams can benefit greatly from having external marketing resources. These resources can provide insight and perspective, dedicate time for projects and the right skill set to enhance the execution.

Our Process


Your Marketing Consultant and Project Manager will work with you to determine what’s needed to complete a successful knowledge transfer. This lays the foundation for good communication and a strong partnership.


We assemble a dedicated marketing team for your company. Your team will consist of a Creative Director, Project Manager, Copywriter, Graphic Designer and Developer.


This is when we establish what marketing success looks like for you and identify the KPI’s needed to achieve it. This consists of things like lead quotas and sales conversion quotas.


With the Gambit in place as the foundation, we then document your full-blown marketing strategy, complete with all the tactics and dates of execution so everyone is on the same page.


Now that we have a strong base, we begin executing each tactic in your marketing plan in accordance with the schedule already in place. This is when you’ll begin to see leads.


We’ll constantly analyze the results of each marketing tactic to discover ways in which we can improve. We’ll also calculate your ROI in real time so we can continue growing and refining your strategy for the future.

We're your custom

IT Marketing Agency


You can manage all planned marketing activities from a single customer relations management platform.

Save your time. Get quick turnaround. Be successful!

It’s Blacklion Portal |

Choose the best service package for your business and discover Magnificent Marketing as a service program's integrations. 


* Using this MAAS services program to  many multi-enterprise company in Turkey & MENAT Region

We provide you human resources support within the scope of these service programs.

Marketing as a service




CEO & Vice Chairman


Mert is not only a strong marketing manager but also he is an artworker. Therefore you can easily feel the creativity and difference on everything he performed. Besides that he is very committed and hardworking person with a great focus on customer satisfaction.

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